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We at Flagstaff Rentals want you to be safe out on the trails! Please take a few moments and review some of the safety material we have highlighted. Keep in mind, you can never be too safe!

  1. Getting started in snowmobiling
  2. Snowmobile Impaired & Challenging Riding
  3. Snowmobile Operation
  4. Hand Signals When Snowmobiling
  5. Importance of Staying on Trails
  6. Snowmobile Apparel

You'll find more information about snowmobile safety in the MSA's Ride Right - Ride Smart course booklet.


Snowmobile Safety Tips

1.  Check the weather forecast and the trail conditions.
2.  Wear appropriate clothes and protective gear.
3.  Stay alert & Obey all signs.
4.  Avoid ALL open or frozen waterways.
5.  Do not speed.
6.  Stay on the trail.
7.  Never drink and drive.
8.  Do not pull people on anything behind your snowmobile.
9.  Do not operate the snowmobile in a reckless manor.
10. Ride to the Right - Ride Safe

  1. Follow the signs
    Follow the signs
    Trails are clearly marked. Obey all signs, they are there for your safety. There are many written signs the establish intersections and location. Take the time to slow down and read them.
  2. Ride Safe
    Ride Safe
    The snowmobile is heavy. It is important to remain in control comfortably. If you are riding with a group, do not feel the need to "keep up". They will wait...
  3. Share the trail
    Share the trail
    We all share the trails with others. Keep alert for anyone else that may be recreating on the trails. Be patient and give them a safe space.
  4. Wildlife
    If you encounter wildlife on the trail. DO NOT approach them. Stay back and let them find their way off the trail. Remember, it is illegal to chase or harass wildlife!

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